Active PPC Management (60 Days)

Having a well thought out PPC strategy is becoming more and more important when it comes to selling on Amazon.

Often PPC can be the difference between a winning product and a losing product.
Especially now that Amazon has started to act against sellers that try to artificially create sales velocity by giving away deeply discounted products. These product launch strategies no longer work.

The Amazon Algorithm loves sellers that do PPC. Just by running an Ad you can raise your ranking by 1-3 or more spots.

Apart from only increasing sales or organic search position, Sponsored Product Ads can also be used for a number of other purposes (or a combination of several), like: Researching your target audience, increasing general product visibility (i.e. brand awareness), or product listing validation.

How is the process like?

First of all we get in touch with you to gather the necessary information about your product and the objective(s) you try to achieve by running PPC.

Then we do a thorough keyword research to find the best and most profitable keywords and phrases to start with.
We use these keywords to set up a complete PPC campaign structure tailored to your specific product and to your advertising objective(s).

Then we take two full months where we constantly monitor and optimize these campaigns in order to leave you with the best possible result.

We keep you updated along the way about every step that we take. This way you always know what is going on with your campaigns, and you also learn the ropes of PPC optimization yourself.

60 days is perfect in order to make good and educated optimizations based on data with statistical significance.
However, we do also offer this service for 30 days if you are on a budget.


Free review of your listing regarding SEO optimization.
Changes to your existing images, like color enhancements, if necessary. 
Extras included
PPC Account Audit
Keyword Expansion
Search Term Expansion
Campaign Optimization
Monthly Progress Reports
Delivery time
Up to 30 days