Complete Listing Content Video + Photo + Design

At Share it studio we feel in debt with Jungle Scout and its sellers for such an amazing year. As a way to say thank you we want to help the first 5 sellers who put in an order with their listings with a $598 discount from a $1,597 value! Yes, I know it’s kinda insane but we owe it to you! There are a few conditions, make sure you read the terms and conditions below before you put in the order. This takes a massive amount of responsibility and commitment in our end that’s why it’s limited to the first 5 sellers!

The idea is to create all the content for your listing including:

  • One (1) 30’ - 45’ second white or black background product video **

  • Seven (7) White or black background Images
    • To show different sides of the product such as, Features, Texture, Angles, Dimensions, Use.
    • Sample of our work on top.

  • 1 Infographic composed of images that are already taken in the 7 white background images
    • Sample of our work on top.

  • Inhouse hand Model (Male or female)

  • Basic Props Up to $20 value

Why you should choose us:

Requirements needed to get started

1- Applicable only to White or Black background, you can only choose one.
2- Client must provide:
   -Script for the voice over
   -Text for the video titles
   -Video and photo shot list: Detail information on what you want for us to showcase from the product. 
   Example: A shot of the product where we see the logo. This allows us to be on the same page and meet your expectations for the final results.

Running time (seconds)
Number of finalized versions included
1 finalized version
File formats provided
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Custom Colors
Ultra HD (4K)
Add Logo
Background Music
Commercial Use
Overlay Text
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Overlay Text
Logo Transparency
Custom Colors
Background Music
Commercial Use
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
About us:

How does it work?

Step 1. Send us your products & detailed specifications of how you want the images to turn out. The more references we get – the better!

Step 2. Your content made according to Amazon guidelines will be ready within 3-10 days from the moment we receive the product.  

Step 3. Add a bomb description (we can help with copywriting too), and you’re all set to start selling on Amazon! 

Not convinced? More than SEVENTY 5-star reviews speak for themselves!