Professionally Crafted Algorithm Friendly Listings

This package includes a fully optimized Amazon listing including:
- title
- bullet points
- description
- HTML description
- back end search terms
- subject matter fields

We also provide you with our keyword research using Helium10's advanced keyword research tool (Unfamiliar? see here:

Additionally, we include a tutorial video explaining everything that has been delivered and how to upload your listing on to Amazon. 

Unsure? Please feel free to ask us any questions and for examples of our work. We have many listings that are best sellers and have top Amazon's choice badges.
Requirements needed to get started
Send over your product info and pictures. The more information about your product the more accurate and full your listing will be. 
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Why is it so expensive to "optimize" a listing, isn't just some writing?
No. It's in depth research using software, years of experience analyzing Amazon's marketplace data and search results combined with creative copy writing which SELLS your product to the customer. Imagine hiring a sales professional for your business - do you want the sleazy used car guy or the sophisticated C-level knowledgeable executive? 

Why don't you make a word count limit like other writers?
My job is to optimize your listing; that means writing the most effective convincing sales copy possible, giving your customer all the information they need to make the decision to buy, and making it sound good. Putting a word limit is counterproductive and simply a gimmick that writers use to charge their clients more.
Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes for sure, just ask and we'll work out a deal.
How long have you been working on Amazon?
I've been working on Amazon for over 6 years. I've worked in-house, for a consulting agency, and as a freelancer.
Can you promise a high conversion rate?
No, I can't. There are many factors which influence conversion; price, competition, product reviews, quality, design, etc. etc. However, many of the listings I've written are doing well over 20% and in some cases over 40% conversion rates on a regular basis.
Will my product ideas, niche, and information be kept confidential?
Yes, absolutely.