Full Amazon Category Ungated In 72 Hours + Free Consulting

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“Read This Before Going Private Label And Avoid Burning Through Your Budget...5 Key Strategies For Newbies With Ungating”

But First New Amazon Sellers, Know The Stats:
The good news.  In “Group A” There are roughly 25,000 sellers on Amazon with more than $1 million in sales (Marketplacepulse, 2019).  In “Group B” There are 2.5 Million sellers on Amazon who are not all making money with a winning strategy.  This provides you a clear opportunity.  A winning strategy puts you much closer to “Group A” where many sellers are missing the mark.

If you'd like to sell lots of units on Amazon and reduce losing sales to your competition our Jungle Saver agents have a long track record of satisfied client reviews to organizing your winning Amazon strategy.

#1- Choose An Experienced Team
Our experienced agents are up to date on the current Amazon terms of service to deliver your Amazon category ungating within 24 to 72 hours guaranteed with our full money back policy.  Agents offering a cheap service do not always follow the application guidelines following Amazon’s terms of service.  They cannot guarantee your ungated category and WORST OF ALL risk your seller’s account.

Exactly What You're Getting
  • Your Product category Or A Popular Brand ungated in 24-72 hours
  • Full compliance with Amazon’s current Terms of Service guaranteed
  • A full money back guarantee of acceptance
  • A competitor peak for the top product keywords for your product
  • A sales vs competition analysis of your niche to ensure you are ready to compete
  • (BONUS) Facebook Marketing Training to boost your success out of the gate and avoid newbie pitfalls that waste your budget in advertising
  • (TODAY’S BONUS) Jungle Saver consulting call to go over your Amazon blueprint A-Z
  • (FREE GIFT) An advanced reviews booster to get a jumpstart on increasing your Amazon market share

And It's About MORE Than Just Ungating.  It is about your strategy for success..
#2- Outsmart Your Competition
Most new sellers  on Amazon are not seasoned in their overall product strategies.  As a Free Bonus Jungle Saver provides you a Facebook traffic overview to give your product strategy a leg up.

#3- Competitor Peak
Step 1 is getting category acceptance, where step 2 is having an analysis of the top keywords for your Amazon search to get product sales out of the gate and minimize losing your sales share and product investment. With new emerging Amazon markets in Groceries to topicals, our team is continually adding new exciting ungated Amazon categories which are not saturated and yours for the taking to establish your brand for years to come. 
#4- Industry Saturation
Why would anyone sell in a saturated niche with little sales or fierce competition?  This is a recipe for Amazon SUDDEN DEATH many sellers face.  Jungle Saver conducts a competition vs sales analysis on your prospective product to ensure you have all the stats protecting your budget AT ALL COSTS.  Now is the time for Amazon sellers to ungate early on as approval hurdles and regular Terms of Service changes raises Amazon's barrier for acceptance, deterring new competition.  More market share means more daily sales.

An Advanced "Popular Brand Selling" System For High-End Sales!
#5- NEW Popular Brand Ungating
With the right strategy and project team your private label can be successful, but why start a brand from scratch when there are many popular established brands people love that you can be approved for.  Would your private label ever want to sell toys competing with Fisher-price? How about selling jeans against Levi’s?  This is your chance to skip the brand building phase with a trusted name.

Here's What To Do Next
Contact Jungle Saver today during our full ungating promotion and schedule a FREE consultant call.  We are here to assist you with your exciting Amazon project from A to Z.

Requirements needed to get started
1. Registered account email and/or;
2. Limited seller central user permission access to case log access
Consulting hours
1 hour of consulting included
Extras included
Seller Central Audit
Pricing Audit
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Listing Optimization
Paid Ad Audit
Marketing Strategy
Product Research
Brand Protection
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Which Categories can you approve?
All categories.  Please contact us with your product needs and we will get you approved.

How long does approval take?
24-72 hours per category.

Is approval guaranteed?
Yes, your approval is guaranteed or your full money back.