Product Sourcing - We Will Be Your Sourcing Agent In China


Hi! We are a team of Italian & Chinese sourcing experts dedicated in helping Amazon sellers source their Private Label in China.
We are Amazon FBA Private Label sellers and that is why we understand better than others the specific needs and the process of sourcing a private label. 
We have been successfully finding products and suppliers in China for almost 3 years now.

What you will get from this service:
1) The best supplier that you can't find on internet. We have a solid network of suppliers here in China that don't speak english so we can negotiate with them for you.
2) We will manage the entire negotiation
3) Sample Evaluation in China with Video Report
4) Complete Report with all details about supplier.

Why should we work together ?
▪️ Reach new opportunities with non-English-speaking suppliers !
▪️ Stop wasting your time and money ordering samples from suppliers producing low-quality goods !
▪️ Avoid dealing with bad suppliers !
▪️ Avoid trading companies / intermediates and buy straight from the factories to get the best prices !
Requirements needed to get started
1) Your product
2) Order quantity
3) Budget
4) Country where you want to sell

Delivery time
Up to 10 days