PRO Product Sourcing - One Winning Supplier to Dominate

Having the right supplier to manufacture your products is the first step in building an online empire.

Your product quality, sourcing price, and supplier reliability can easily be the difference between your product making you money or costing you money.

Don't waste your time and money with a sourcing agent that does not know Sourcing. As a 7 figure Amazon seller who has consistently put out Best Sellers, and whose products are still regularly chosen as "Amazon's Choice", I know the exact supplier qualifications needed for a manufacturer to be top-notch and reliable.
Here's what I will do for you:
1) Find the #1 best supplier for your product and product niche after we gather product details as well as your initial order details.
2) We will negotiate pricing and evaluate reliability from 10 reliable suppliers or more before bringing you our #1 pick. 
3) We will then submit to you a complete and detailed report of our #1 pick including all supplier details and contact info for you to continue your journey with them and place your first order. 
Requirements needed to get started
1. What country do you want your product to be manufactured in? (USA or CHINA)
2. What is the product you are wishing to source?(please provide the exact product, general product specification, or a complete product idea)
3. What is the unit amount of your first order? 
Delivery time
Up to 3 days