Suspension Prevention | Total Account Review & Plan


Why choose buffaBRAND Marketing? 

At buffaBRAND, we are a team of AMAZON EXPERTS that know how to deliver results in a tough, unforgiving ecosystem.  With 10+ years of experience in what it takes to launch and grow successful products, brands, and stores, we have seen it all from A-to-Z. 

We don’t use short-term hacks or hide behind fancy AI solutions. We roll up our sleeves, dive into your account and help you build sustainable success on your account. We’re transparent and build custom solutions for your complex issues. 

Are you losing money or just stuck treading water? Don’t give up. Message us today. 

What You Get: 

  • A deep dive review of your account & products
  • A full breakdown report of your account review
  • Insight on how to reduce the likelihood of future suspensions
  • Clearly defined systems & procedures to protect your account
  • Assistance with implementation of the provided plan
  • Amazon experts with 10+ years of experience of "Amazon Law", guiding your account towards a healthy future

Fun Fact: 

buffaBRAND is new to the Jungle Scout Marketplace, but we’re no strangers to the Amazon Marketplace. In fact, we’ve been on Amazon so long it hardly resembles the platform we started on. Staying on the pulse is half the battle, which is why we stay current every single day!

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Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
Q: Which countries does buffaBRAND work with? 

A: We offer our services exclusively for sellers in the United States Amazon Marketplace.  We are located in Buffalo, NY (EST) and will work with all time zones as needed. 

Q: Are there any long-term contracts required to be signed? 

A: Short answer, NO.  All packages are for the terms disclosed within, usually by the hour, week, or SKU.  We do, however, offer custom long-term services with extended terms. Message for details.  

Q: Do I really need a plan to prevent suspensions if I've never been suspended? 

A: Every seller should have plans in place to reduce the chances of suspension. Sadly, most sellers do not have protections in place and end up reaching out once they are suspended. We can save you thousands by stopping the chances of suspension with proven systems and procedures.  If you have more than one account, please message us for details. 

Q: What happens when I place my order? 

A: Immediately after placing your order you’ll receive our on-boarding form which includes all instructions for the next steps.  Our detailed form will walk you through the step-by-step process to get us started as quickly as possible.