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Boost Rank + Get Organic Reviews with ManyChat + Facebook Ad

The Simple & Proven Solution To EXPLODE Your Amazon Rankings & Profits!

Launch effective “search find buy” rebate promos to rapidly rise above your fiercest competition - in a natural & organic way.




My team and I have developed a 100% natural and organic method to help you skyrocket your Amazon rankings and profits thanks to ‘Search Find Buy’ rebate promos. Not only is this method highly effective, but it allows you to totally dominate your competition and maximize your profits in a fully AUTOMATED way.

This saves you both TIME and MONEY - and helps put you on the fast track to success!

A Package for Every Budget

LITE LAUNCH PACKAGE (Starting at ONLY $295)⚡

With the LITE Launch Package, we’ll upload our template into your own ManyChat and give exact instructions on how to run everything from ManyChat, Facebook Ads, Seller.Tools API and also PayPal rebates. You’ll get our full support before, during, and after your promotion to ensure success!

PRO LAUNCH PACKAGE (Starting at ONLY $595)⚡

With the PRO Launch Package, you’ll get all the amazing services we offer in our LITE Launch Package, but we’ll take everything one step further. With this package, we’ll fully customize our ManyChat template according to your specific needs. This is a much more tailored package to help you get even better results!


With our ELITE Launch Package, you’ll get everything offered in the PRO Launch Package, but we’ll also handle your rebate as well. By letting us fully manage your rebate, we’ll make sure that everything is optimized for maximum profitability! This package will save you a ton of time, headaches and frustration!
Requirements needed to get started
What is(are) your target keyword(s)?

What is your ManyChat account login information? (If you don't have one, we can set one up for you.)

Send Amazon Seller Central access. I will need access to:

Orders > Transactions (View & Edit)
Reports > Business Reports, Sales Summary (View & Edit)
Reports > Fulfillment Reports (View)

You can skip this step if ManyChat account is synced to Seller Central to confirm order IDs with a service like Seller.Tools.
Seller.Tools subscription is required if I am managing promotions for 2 or more products at once.

Will you send rebates/promotion payments yourself or will you send us funds to manage payouts?
(Leave blank if you ordered the BASIC "Do It Yourself" option.)

Do you need to schedule a call with me? If yes, please contact me.
Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 14 days
Frequently asked questions
What exactly do you offer as a service and what’s the advantage?

It’s very simple. We help you run ‘Search Find Buy’ promotions for your product(s). These are usually offered with some type of rebate/coupon offer. Most of the process is automated using a messaging bot (like ManyChat), your mailing list, or SMS list. We take a very calculated approach to who we send these offers to and how we present them. The result? Your Amazon listing will rise up in the search results for your target keywords. As every Amazon seller knows: the higher you rank, the more sales you make!

Is your service safe and compliant with Amazon TOS?

Yes! Amazon encourages sellers to drive traffic from external sources to your listings and that’s exactly what we do! The default template and process we provide is 100% TOS compliant and we have had multiple sources verify this including multiple current and former employees at Amazon.

Do I have to pay for the Facebook ads or do you?

If we agree to use Facebook ads, yes you will have to pay for them. However, Facebook ads are optional! We have other options that do not require Facebook ads regardless of whether you have your own list or not.

Why should I choose you over another similar service?

Because we sell on Amazon ourselves and our own businesses depend on the services we offer to work. We used to hire this out to another service and later found out we were basically test accounts for them to figure out their business. Knowing how essential an efficient search-find-buy process is to launch products on Amazon, we immediately made it a top priority to build an internal team and process for this. One day, we realized our processes were so efficient that our team had nothing to do. So we decided to offer this service to other sellers.

Do you collect customer emails for me?

Yes we can if this is one of your goals! In some cases, this can lower the overall performance of your search-find-buy promotion but we will work with you to put together a plan that works for your situation. 

Is there any type of money back guarantee?

Yes! Every order starts with confirming the goals you want to achieve. Then we put together a strategy to help you achieve these goals and let you know the budget/resources we will need to get this started. If you provide the necessary budget and we do not achieve your goals, we WILL NOT charge for our service!