FIRST JOB 20% OFF- 4WB, 1 lifestyle, 2 infographic image

4 white background images- Product Only, No props, No composites. 

1 lifestyle image- Model NOT included. Props/location ARE included. 

1 infographic- Up to 3 additional WHITE BACKGROUND images included to create the graphic. All other images will be charged per image price. 

Images will be delivered at 2000x2000 pixels unless specified otherwise. 

If your product/item includes more than 3 pieces please allow an extra $2.00 per image for arranging/sorting those pieces. 

COMPOSITES: Composites of up to 3 white background images are $40.00. 
Requirements needed to get started
Please send me a "shot" list so that we are on the same page. A shot list would look something like;

1- Main shot of image 3/4 view
2- Close up of product feature
3- Shot of back of product
4- Product in hand
5- Lifestyle of product outdoors with prop
6- Infographic (please let me know if I will make the copy or if you will)

This allows both of us to be on the same page with the same expectations. 

Your product- Please note, shipping damage DOES happen and it happens frequently. Please box and package your product with the utmost care and attention as there is only so much we can fix in post. 

Communication- Please let me know how many images, what type of images, and any/all examples of what you have in mind before we begin shooting. The more I know about what you need, the better off the project will go. 
Number of images
7 images included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
Infographics- A single infographic is included with this package

Turn around time- Varies per project. Most of the time we are waiting on model schedules to line up with ours. Please allow some wiggle room with dealing with model shots

Revisions- Are usually done on a per image basis. If the images are shot to your specifications and are in focus etc, then the image is considered complete. If images are blurry, out of focus, or the product is set up wrong then reshoot will clearly be in order.