Market Niche Evaluation for German Platform

I am Holger and I am selling on the platform amazon since 2018. Now I would like to support other sellers on the platform to improve their sales performance.

Most of my experience comes from building up my own e-commerce company. I am just starting with freelancing and working for other sellers. Therefore, I am willing to offer my work at a reasonable price and I expect to use the jobs I complete as references for building up my freelancing and consulting business.

How can I help you?
I will write a several pages long market niche evaluation for your researched product idea. This includes:

  • Determination and evaluation of the sales potential
  • Overview of further important KPIs for evaluating a niche
  • Calcualtion of your investment need
  • Evaluation of competitors USPs in comparison to your product idea
  • My recommendation

If I can help you with my services, please contact me.
Requirements needed to get started
What I need to deliver the best results

  • What is your product idea and how is it different from competitors?
  • What's the main keyword for the niche?
  • What is the amount of capital that is available for sourcing and product launch?
  • What are your expectations about sales and profit?
Delivery time
Up to 5 days