PRO Keyword Research - Crucial For Your Listing & PPC

Having relevant, top-performing, high traffic keywords in the Amazon "jungle" has always been critical for Amazon sellers.

Your keywords can easily be the difference between your product making you money or costing you money.

But which keywords should you use? This is where I come in to do the dirty work for you.
Here's what I will do for you:
 - I will do extensive keyword and competitor research using the latest paid tools to get the most relevant and top-performing keywords for your product. As a Free Bonus I will also spot where your competitors might have an edge, and where opportunities for you to do better are.
 -I will send you a list of top keywords, the search volume and the broad + exact ppc bid recommended to rank for that keyword. Use these words and bids for PPC campaigns to reach the top of the search results for your products main keywords. 

Our service is more affordable than a monthly subscription to a keyword research tool, and we do all the hard work for you while eliminating the guesswork.

Requirements needed to get started
Your product ASIN
Competitors researched
10 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 3 days