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 Learn All My Thousand Dollar Mistakes
Product Research is by far the most difficult part of your Amazon FBA journey for many reasons. I mean, if you mess up the first step, all of the next steps have a 0% chance of saving you. Spectacular packaging won't save you from terrible product selection, great S.E.O. won't and advertising absolutely won't, that's difficult as is. This course is going to teach you how to get Product Research done like a million-dollar seller and not like some rookie!

All Students Have My Personal Contact Info
One of my main goals for this course is to be intentional in terms of communicating with students so I have given out my PERSONAL email for all students to contact me any time for some quick advice. My goal is to always respond within 48 hours.

Free Strategy Call To All Students
I am also offering a FREE one-time, 15-minute strategy call to all my students. This may or may not be a crazy idea, given I will have over a thousand students, but I believe it is necessary. If you would like to talk with me longer, a link to book a paid strategy call is in the last video of the course before the bonus content section! 

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Training Course is located on Contact me for the link! 
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