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Expert Amazon Listing Optimization

You have a brand on Amazon but want to step up your current results and simplify the process but don't have the time or knowledge?

I help Amazon sellers increase sales and reduce spend by optimizing listings through use of proper keyword placement and emotional triggers while staying within TOS and keeping your account safe and sales growing. 

I have been successfully selling on Amazon for over 6 years. Amazon is becoming more and more complex and difficult to navigate so it's smart to have someone in the trenches with you that does this every day, this is all I do. The goal is to simplify it all for you, so you can start having the success you desire and learn how to duplicate that success over and over again with our support. I feel what sets this apart is that I do this every single day. I'm not just selling a service I don't implement myself in my own Amazon business.

Requirements needed to get started
contact me and then we will clarify your needs on a brief call. Then we will send you a form to fill out providing us with details we will need for optimization.
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More than 10 focus keywords
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Frequently asked questions
Can I have an example of your work?

This client was getting refunds and negative reviews because customers with bulky cases couldn’t fit their cell phones in the slots that hold the phone in place. He is from another country where they use minimalist cases more often so he didn’t realize. We turned the problem into a benefit. He will lose sales but will also lose refunds and negative reviews and won't get his listing shut down. His listing was also being suppressed and losing rank due to having too many characters in the bullets.

Title - 
Cell Phone Stand for Iphone, Android or Any Smart Phone with Slim or Minimalist Case - Class A Premium Bamboo Holder with Unique Flat, Magnetic Interlocking Design

Bullets -
HOLDS PHONE SAFELY IN PLACE: Slots uniquely designed to securely hold mobile with slim or no case.
DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Highest quality, eco-friendly bamboo is soft, smooth and easy to clean. 
INTERCHANGEABLE OFFICE ORGANIZER: Interlocking magnetic system combines with other of our stands.
HORIZONTAL DESIGN WON'T TIP OVER: Our flat holders are portable and keep your cellular protected.
HOLDS MULTIPLE ITEMS: 5 slots for more than one phone plus notepad, index cards and business cards. 

HTML Description - 
<p>You prefer a slim or no case at all for your cell phone?</p>
<p>We have designed the perfect smartphone holder for you! Our stands are designed with slots that securely hold phones that have thin cases. If the slots were too wide your phone could slip out and fall causing damage. No other design will hold your phone more securely.</p>
<p><b>What sets us apart from the rest?</b></p>
<p>*Specifically designed to securely hold cell phones with a minimal case </p> 
<p>*Flat design prevents damage from tipping</p> 
<p>*We use the absolute highest quality class A bamboo that is both lightweight and super durable, lasting you a very long time</p> 
<p>*Flat, compact, light and perfect for traveling</p> 
<p>*Magnetically locks side by side with other of our desk organizers like our pencil holder, eyeglass holder or coaster so you can customize your office organization</p> 
<p><b>Beautiful and functional decor for your home and office</b></p>
<p>Designed to give you the flexibility of having your cell phone organized and ready to access quickly. Our bamboo phone holder isn’t your typical generic stationary organizer, it’s designed specifically for your cell phone and helps you to maintain a well organized desk that never feels bulky and out of place. Anytime you need to answer a message or phone call, your phone will be safe and ready to access quickly.</p> 
<p>We design our desk organizing products with renewable and eco-friendly resources. Crafted using class A Moso bamboo, our desk organizers are attractive and bring a natural touch that complements any style. It's ideal for your office desks well as kitchen counter tops, bedside tables, living room, studio and much more. You can also bring it along on business trips thanks to its compact, lightweight design.</p> 
<p><b>Check out our complete line of unique organizing stands</b></p>