Custom Offer for Jaylon

This project will include:

- Competition and Keyword research & analysis
We break down the competition in 3 tiers: organic,
best seller, and sponsored. This way we examine the
competition from all angles. The competitors that rank
on all 3 places are your fiercest competitors and the
ones you want to monitor consistently. Our report
includes an analysis of their sales, market share,
reviews, review rate, promotions, and pricing strategy.
With the keyword research, we will also identify the
best keywords to target for ranking and it will also help
us to build/optimize your listing at a later stage.
- Niche Fragments
Niche fragments is the market analysis in a search term level, focusing on the most relevant
search terms that are describing the market and the product you are aiming for. With that
perspective, you will be able to see the whole market and not just one isolated search term,
which will help you make a safer decision. In addition, we will identify all the search terms
that are less difficult to rank for and select them during our product positioning. Finally, the
niche fragments report will be used along with the PPC keywords analysis and the main
module of the competitor and keywords research to forecast your sales and inventory level
that you will be required to have for your launch phase. This valuable insight will help us
negotiate and order the correct quantity of inventory from our supplier, therefore achieving
better pricing and profitability, but also fewer expenses and time wasted on shipment and
production orders.
- Reviews Analysis
We will go through your competitor's reviews taking notes of the best comments and also
the worst comments, identifying what people think of the product and how we can make it
better, but also what mistakes to avoid. At the same time, we will be able to identify the
level of deception involved in the reviews, meaning how valid they are and if the seller is
using any black/gray hat strategies, in order to get more reviews. We will also see what is
the ranking difficulty and barrier to reach the same rankings in regards to the verified
purchase reviews.
- PPC Keywords Analysis
With this analysis, we will identify the search terms and keywords your competitors are
ranking for and are using in their PPC campaigns. With this infromation, we will be able to
make another assessment of how competitive the environment is, in regards to paid
advertising. In addition, we will analyze the bids of some of the KW's we will be using in our
launching campaigns. Finally, this will help us prepare the data we need in order to create
our advertising campaigns.

Requirements needed to get started
All available niche and product info
Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 10 days