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SEO listing optimization: rank higher and convert more

Do you need help to grow your brand on Amazon or optimize your activities on the platform?

Turnover is a team of professionals with 10+ years experience in e-commerce and e-marketplace and helps Brands and Private Labels to launch and grow on Amazon.

We offer both Consultancy and Marketing services and we have a focus on the EU marketplaces.

We have optimized over 600 Amazon ASINs as agency and freelancers, mostly for EU and US marketplaces.

SEO and Branding optimization is done with the aim of increasing organic traffic and sales rank of your pages, increasing conversion rate and conveying to customers the unique message of your brand.

Listing optimization is crucial for your success on Amazon, as it impacts on:

- Indexation and ranking of your products, thus organic sales

- Niche relevancy for the Amazon algorithm

- Relevancy for your PPC ads, thus lower PPC costs

- Building a brand with a clear message that lasts and generates recurring customers

What can you get in the package:

- In-depth keyword research based on the top competitors in your niche and your unique selling proposition, in order to select all the relevant keywords to index your listing

- Creation of fully optimized title, bullet points and description, from a SEO and Branding perspective

- Backend keywords list, to make sure your product is indexed on relevant category keywords
Requirements needed to get started
Your listing or product and all relevant product information.

If you have already performed keyword research and want to focus on certain keywords please send that list as well. Otherwise, we will do keyword research and use the keywords we see as the most important.

Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 3 days