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Unattended Amazon Rebate automation Chatbot [Rank to Page] 1

I will develop a chatbot in Manychat which will do Amazon rebates for your product to improve the rank

  1. Chatbot with Search Find and Buy method
  2. Integration with google sheet
  3. Integration with to fetch order status, order id confirmation, automatic generation of gift cards
  4. keyword Rotator. Any number of keywords can be targeted. 
  5. Blacklist management of rebate abuser
  6. Facebook ad setup and connection with chatbot

Requirements needed to get started
1- Manychat account PRO
2- Facebook ad account
3- account access
Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
  • What is ranking? Why do I need to rank my product?

Let's assume that you are selling a Garlic Press product on Amazon. A buyer opens the Amazon website and types "Garlic Press" keyword in the Amazon search bar. He will see many garlic press products from your competitors but not your product because your product is quite new and shows up on page 3rd, 4th or even at 7th page or sometimes nowhere.

Ok, what is the probability that this buyer will scroll all the pages and find your product on the 4th page? I would say the probability is less than 0.1%. Because, according to Amazon analytics, 80% of the products are bought from the first page and 80% of these 80% are from the first 10 products. 
Your product doesn't show up on the first page because it is not yet ranked for "Garlic Press" keyword. Many sellers list their products on Amazon and wait for the magic to happen. 
You are not getting any sales because the visitor on Amazon cannot find your product. The solution is to rank your product to the first page.

It is clear, you can make more money from position #1 than #11.  

By the way, can you type a keyword related to your product and see on which page it appears?

Note: Amazon gives different rank to each keyword related to your product.

  • How can I rank it? Is it really possible to rank a product?
Yes, It is possible. Amazon algorithm ranks products having higher sales velocity and higher conversion rate. There are other factors too like return rate, reviews etc. But most important are sales velocity and conversion rate. 

  • How would you rank then? How to increase sales velocity?
We will run facebook ads to bring outside traffic to Amazon website. This will boost sales velocity and the rank of your product will start improving within a few days. 

  • How will this  work? I am still confused!

One possibility is that you run a facebook ad and give a link to your product. Anybody can land on your product page by clicking on facebook ad and can place an order. 
The problem with this method is that it is not efficient. Amazon ranking Algorithm does not give a good weightage and ranking will be very slow. You might have run facebook ads for several months which is time consuming, frustrating and expensive too. 
The most efficient method is when a product is purchased with the Search, Find and Buy ( SFB ) method. 

  • What is SFB?

Search, Find and Buy - It works by pushing customers to find your product with a specific keyword and physically click through themselves.
How it works is really no different from what the name suggests. The customer searches, they find… and hopefully, they buy.
To use search, find, buy, instead of giving a potential customer the link to your product listing, you’ll give them instructions on how to find your product organically.
You may send them a link to the search page with your search term already populated, or ask them to search for the term themselves.
Then, you give the customer what they need to find it. Like a treasure map. Give them the product name, the photo by which they can identify it, and the page they can find it.
This method is usually used for new products that are several pages deep in the search results, so it’s really important that you give the customer enough info, such as its current page.
When your customer finds your product and buys, this will appear to Amazon as a totally organic sale. Theoretically, the ranking power from someone searching for a keyword and buying your product is incredibly powerful, and extremely beneficial when it comes to ranking your product

  • How can we guide a customer to do SFB?

The answer is Chatbot. We will develop a chatbot for your product which will guide your customers to do SFB. 
This chatbot will be connected with Facebook and once a customer clicks on Ad, the chatbot will start communicating with them in facebook messenger and give them all the instructions to do SFB.

  • Why should customers from Facebook do this SFB effort and buy my product?

You have to offer them incentives to do this. You have to do rebates. Which means the buyers will buy the product at full price from Amazon and then you will refund them the full amount via Paypal after the product is delivered. 
If you don’t want to do Paypal refunds, you can also give them Amazon or other gift cards like Visa gift cards. 

In a Nutshell, you have to give free products if you want to rank.

  • How many products do I have to give as free?

This question cannot be answered without knowing your product and for which keywords you want to rank. Each product and keyword is different from each other. Some keywords are difficult to rank and some are easy. This difficulty is based on competition level. Some keywords are very competitive and therefore very expensive to rank.
Once you place an order, we will do an in depth analysis about your product and find a list of top selling keywords. Based on the competition and other factors, we will share with you the estimated number of rebates required to rank. Then you can choose which keyword we should target to rank.

  • Can I know the estimated budget to rank before I place an order?

As answered before that without knowing your product it is not possible. We have to analyse your product and all related keywords before we can estimate an estimated budget to rank your product. This cost time and money. If you want to get an estimate before you order this ranking gig, you can request us a custom order where we will analyse your product and give you an estimated budget with an analysis report. It will cost you 20$ only. Please send us a message. 

  • What type of rebates can I do? 

You can send Paypal rebates, Amazon gift cards or Visa Gift cards. 

  • Who will do rebates?

We do not take responsibility for rebates. We will set up everything and monitor. You have to transfer all rebates to customers manually once their product is delivered.

  • Can we do 100% automatic rebates without any human interaction?

Yes, it is possible. We can set up a 100% automatic rebates system for you also. You will need to purchase software for one month for automatic rebates method. We can set up everything for you. This tool will cost you extra 60$. You have to give us access to this tool only so that we can do setup. 

We will connect chatbot with this tool and chatbot will automatically verify order status and send rebates without any interaction. 

What else do you need to start? Do you need access to my seller central?
  • You need a facebook page.
  • You need a manychat Pro account. It will cost you 10$ per month. You can cancel it once the product is ranked.
  • You need a facebook business account. It costs nothing.
  • You have to add us as Admin to your Manychat.
  • You have to add us to your Facebook Ad account. 
  • If you want us to set up your PPC, then you have to add us as a secondary user to your seller central as well.