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5 Winning Products: Product Research $5,000+ Bonus

⭐Verified EXPERT Amazon Product Researcher⭐

Amazon FBA private label winning products! Plus Bonus Report!

Product research is the most important part of having a successful private label business. In this package, I will take this aspect of your business off your shoulders and provide you with winning products that will guarantee your success!

My research criteria are as follows :
✅Great margins
Product profit margins of 20%-50%

✅High demand
Great keyword search volume, as well as low BSR for both the category and subcategory.

✅High revenue
Product monthly revenues of $4k-$20K per month!

✅Low competition
Multiple first page and top sellers with less than 100 reviews.

✅Launch suggestions
 Products with plenty of room to differentiate and make your brand stand out.

✅ PPC report
All of your ppc and listing keywords you will need with their volume and other important data.

Each product can be completely different in size, category, price point, and niche. Allowing you to compare and contrast which product will be best for your private label strategy.
Requirements needed to get started
Please let me know any critera you  would like me to avoid in my research.

Private labeled products provided
5 private label products
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
What methods do you use for product research?
I use every and any method to find my customers winning products. I have about five main strategies that I consistently use to find winners.

Do  you sell on amazon?
 Yes, I sell and  I manage other people's accounts.

Do you do product research in other markets? (UK, France, Canada Etc)
Yes just make sure you let me know which product market you would like me to do your research in.