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Brand Approval for Amazon

In short, we help online sellers maximize their time by positioning them to lock on brands as an authorized distributor. Not only does this provide a consistent source of revenue for your store, it also allows you to participate on listings restricted to other sellers. 

Another benefit is that it allows you to scale your business by utilizing multiple sales channels, all with automated Fulfillment by Amazon. 

The Process:
The first week is spent dialing in the brand itself. This includes building out your brand identity, logo, brand colors, categories of focus and web domain you plan to use. 

From there we build out a custom web store that's able to connect to multiple channels. Everything is set up and integrated with Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, etc. so that you are able to leverage FB marketing down the road. 

We've thought of everything that goes into having a professional presence online.  Once the web store is built, we research and put together a custom brand directory based on the categories you want to sell in. This will be a list of brands that have products generating over $5,000/month in revenue, that are likely to work with other resellers. 

Comes with the following:
- Custom Web Store 
- Custom Logo
- Multi-Channel Setup and Integration
- Google Analytics
- Facebook Page Setup
- Facebook Pixel Setup
- Custom Brand Directory
- Turnkey service for brand approval
- Templates to use for locking on brands in the future
- Minimum of 3 Approved Brands 
- Learning Portal with step by step instructions
- 8 Weeks of One-on-One Training (1 Hour Sessions Weekly)

- Turnkey system for establishing a professional presence online
- Expand your Amazon store onto multiple channels with automated fulfillment
- Lock on brands with proven products and strong sales on Amazon
- Participate in sales from listings that are restricted to other sellers

As part of the program we guarantee you'll get approved with at least 3 brands and will continue working with you until that goal is reached. We typically submit between 50-100 applications in order to lock on brands with strong potential. Once you're approved, then we will help you analyze the company's products to determine exactly what products make sense to buy/sell. 

Requirements needed to get started
- Amazon Sellers Account
- Business Entity (LLC, Corporation, etc.)
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
How much capital is required to get started?

The minimum order quantity is different depending on the quality of the brand you're wanting to work with. We typically recommend having at least $2,500 you can invest directly into products.