Amazon Listing Writing, optimization & Keyword Research

Optimized Amazon Listing
Do you want to write a successful Listing which is fully Optimized with all the main keywords to rank you up and organic sales?
Take your sales on Amazon to the next level with our listing optimization service.
For a good listing, you need perfect Keyword research for your product. We use several Keyword research tools and spend hours searching for relevant and complete Keywords.
With analyze your top competitors listing and ASIN reverse top keywords to create a perfect listing and backend keywords.
We provide you in a document:

  1. Product Title
  2. 5 bullet points
  3. Product HTML Description
  4. Search Terms
  5. List of best Keywords 

Requirements needed to get started
  1. Product ASIN
  2. Features and benefits that you want to showcase
  3. Product specs (size, quantity, materials, etc) 

Delivery time
Up to 5 days