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Killer Keyword and Category Research for KDP

Hello! We've been offering this service on other platforms nearly five years and are thrilled to bring it here to the Jungle! We've helped authors rank well within the top 10 in major categories numerous times and want to help your book rank towards the top as well. 

We know what it takes to sell books - and can help you increase your sales too! 

We can do fiction and non-fiction for Kindle and paperback on Amazon KDP.

How does this research help you?

There's fierce competition in the book market, with 500,000+ searches on Amazon per month. We can help your book have a better chance of success and being found by the right customers (books in English only).

We help you rank higher in keywords with low competition, that receive hundreds of searches per month. By ranking high in these specific keywords, you have a better chance at getting sales or page reads. This boosts you up in the categories we help you choose (which are easier to rank high in - meaning they require less sales or page reads). 

With the right targets, you can keep a top spot for a long time purely through SEO!

We will return to you:

  • Search volume.
  • Profitability (size of the market).
  • How competitive that keyword is .

  • How many books you'll need to sell to hit #1 in a category.
  • How many books you'll need to sell to hit #10 in a category.
  • Advice on how to add extra categories to your book's listing.

Send a message if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you!
Requirements needed to get started
We need the following information: 

  • Book title.
  • Genre.
  • Brief description/summary of the book (no manuscripts please).
  • Link to your book (only if it's already published). 
  • What keywords and categories you THINK your book should be listed under.
  • Links to your competitors' books (if known).
Competitors researched
5 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Will this increase my sales?

Having the right keywords and categories is vital to the success of your book. If you have incorrect or bad keywords, your book will not be found. We help find keywords and categories that will boost your ability to be discovered and potential sales. Obviously, sales are not guaranteed - this service is for people who have already put the legwork into having a great cover made, a killer blurb, etc. 

If you need a blurb, by the way, check our profile.

Can you do keyword research for things that are not books?

This service is only for KDP at this time.

Can you work with non-English books or the other Amazon platforms besides .com?

Unfortunately, this is only for English books and However, we often see books that are ranking high and selling well in English cascade into selling well on the other platforms!

Can you send over more than 7 keywords?

Absolutely! It's ideal that you have anywhere from 10 to 12 keywords ready when publishing a new title OR trying to revamp the SEO for a title that has started to fall. This service begins with 7 keywords, which may be fine. If you want more, send a message and we can discuss a custom order. 

Note that you may find swapping out keywords after a few weeks to be what helps take your book's targeting to the next level.