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Product Video W/ Stock Footage, Images, Stock Music

With our method and stock footage library, you can get a video in just a few days without shipping a product or having to deal with issues of models, lighting, or your own custom footage.

We can create a video with just your existing images and our stock footage. It’s a cheaper and faster alternative to filming your own footage (which requires models, locations, lighting, shipping a product, all of which is hard to get exactly right).

Check out some of these videos that were done just using existing product images and stock footage. If you’re looking for something like this, you may be a good fit for this type of video.

Animal Product Video

Health & Wellness Product Video

We're 100% in the USA, located in Provo, Utah.
Requirements needed to get started
Link to your product listing, all product photos you have, information about your product and key things to highlight in the video. If applicable, include some example videos that you like. We can also send you a larger portfolio for you to look through for ideas.

The more information you give us, the more happy you’ll be with the final product.
Running time (seconds)
Number of finalized versions included
1 finalized version
File formats provided
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Custom Colors
Ultra HD (4K)
Add Logo
Background Music
Commercial Use
Overlay Text
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Overlay Text
Logo Transparency
Custom Colors
Background Music
Commercial Use
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
What's included?
  • We'll use applicable stock footage from our video library, your product images or other branded images, text animation explaining the product, and background music.
  • The basic package is up to 45 seconds long. You can pay extra for a longer video.

Does this include shooting custom footage of our product?

  • No, for this package, we are not shooting any custom footage. We use our stock footage library and templates along with your product images and information. We work with you to make sure we are mentioning the most important aspects of your video. This allows us to create short, low priced product videos in a short amount of time (since we don’t have to wait for the product to arrive, work with models, lighting, and all the other aspects of shooting original video).
  • For many products, these simple videos are a great option. In some cases, you may want to pay more and get custom footage.

How long will the video be?

  • Up to 45 seconds. If we keep the video 45 seconds or less, it will qualify to also be used as a video ad (available to most brand registered sellers) along with being used on your listing. In some cases, you may want a longer video and we can provide that for a custom quote.

Does this video follow Amazon’s requirements?

  • In most cases, you shouldn’t have any issues getting the video approved. We’ll design the video in a way to avoid having any approval issues. In some cases, Amazon may choose to be a stickler about something (typically claims made in the video). If you do run into issues getting the video approved, we’ll edit it for free until you get the video approved once.
  • Common reasons that they won’t approve the video include, including reviews or feedback in the video, having claims or certifications on the video, showing other brands or logos in the video, including a URL, and more.
  • Here’s a more complete list

Amazon rules -

  • your company as a seller or distributor (talking about the product or BRAND is ok)
  • contact information
  • competitor’s products
  • your status as an authorized seller or that the product is sold solely by authorized resellers
  • product pricing
  • descriptive promotional product information (e.g. affordable, on sale, top selling, hot item)
  • time-sensitive product information (e.g. on sale now, best new product of the year)
  • products being used for criminal activity
  • shipping cost or timeline information
  • customer review information
  • editorial or third party quotes
  • warranties or guarantees
  • logos of brands or organizations other than your own
  • any websites within or outside of Amazon, especially links to the same
  • offensive or perverse content
Will I be able to upload this video to my listing?

  • For a long time, brand registered sellers have been able to upload videos to their listings by going into seller central, hovering over “inventory” and selecting “manage & upload videos.” Amazon has recently announced that they will allow this for all sellers, even without brand registry. However, we’re not sure if they’ve actually rolled out the change to everyone. Please make sure the feature is available to you before having the video created (if that’s the main reason you want a video).

Amazon is giving me an error message saying the “ASIN is not associated with your brand”

  • This is a common error message with brand registry. Sometimes, even when you are brand registered, Amazon’s system doesn’t actually update it correctly to connect with your brand in their backend. You need to contact Amazon Seller Support and have them fix this issue.

I’m getting a different error message from Amazon when I try to upload my video

  • Make sure you are uploading the video in the “upload & manage videos” section on the “inventory” tab in seller central.
  • Make sure the ASIN you are connecting it to is correct.
  • In some cases, the issue may be fixed by clicking “edit” on the product, going to the “vital info” tab, removing the brand name, typing the first few letters of the brand name, and then clicking the brand name from the dropdown (instead of typing it out). Wait 5 minutes to see if that fixed the issue.
  • If you’re getting some other kind of error message, there may be an issue on Amazon’s side, contact seller support and get them to fix it.