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Product Research and zoom meeting

Not getting enough sales and traffic to your Amazon listing? It's because 99% of the sellers don't have enough time or using the right keywords so customers can find their product.

We use the best tools in the market, to which we add the past experience, to choose the most suitable keywords for your listing. Finally, we will provide you with a custom spreadsheet containing these keywords to help you start your PPC campaigns and track their indexing and ranking 

So far, the Lemongraf team has created and optimized over 100 listings for those who sell Amazon. Thus, we perfectly understand that choosing and placing keywords appropriately is an essential factor in the success of a listed product, influencing the number of buyers
No word is chosen by chance. The keywords are used to increase traffic. At the same time, we make sure they are relevant to your product sold on Amazon, helping you get the best indicators (rate per click, conversion).
What are keywords? Keywords are the terms that people search for while trying to find your product. The important part about keywords is that they have to be relevant for your product.
It is thus understood the importance of carefully selecting the right keywords. Inappropriate keywords can drive traffic to your listing, but it will certainly be irrelevant, not leading to the end of a sale and it can ruin your ranking. 

Requirements needed to get started
- Product description / product name 
- Competitor links (optional)
Competitors researched
4 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 3 days