6 Pro Image Package (white or black background)

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This Package includes:

  • HIgh quality, high-resolution photos on your choice of white or black background (with or without reflective bottom) 6 images in total.
  • Professional retouching.
  • Product prep, stuffing bags, cleaning smudges, assembly etc.
  • 1 free revision.

Why choose me?

Human beings are 90% visual creatures. Research at 3M Corporation concluded that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Images are the most easy things to remember by our brains and are essential for our learning. What we see has a deep effect on what we do, what we feel and what we are. 

Your product images are the only thing a buyer gets to see to evaluate what they will get in their hands before they buy, which means that the quality of your photos is one of the most important aspects to your success.

Not only do your images represent the quality of your product, but also you as a seller.

I am here, not only to help you avoid potential pitfalls, but to provide you with commercial grade photography of your brand and product that will rival mainstream brands.

You are not just getting a photographer, but someone with a commitment to showcasing your products in the best light, to make you stand out as a quality seller among the rest!

One picture can truly be worth a thousand words if done correctly. 

I look forward to working with you,


I offer multiple packages, this package contains 6 Amazon (or other e-tailer) ready high resolution images on a pure white or black background.

All of my photography is professionally lit, retouched and post processed to look pristine.

I also offer various style infographics with your choice of text. 

Please contact me with your specific needs or see my other listings. 
Requirements needed to get started
-I would like to know about your brand (if applicable) and your vision of your product/item. If you have ideas or examples of how you'd like your products presented, please do let me know.

-Getting your item/product. Once your order is placed, I will give you my studio mailing address, once I have received your item I will start the process the same day. 
Number of images
6 images included per package
File formats provided
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
Will I receive my item back?

If you'd like your item(s) back, please include a return shipping-label in your package and I will send it back as soon as the shoot is completed.