PAGE ONE GUARANTEE: One-On-One Amazon Mentoring Step By Step

Dear Amazon seller,

Imagine building a successful Amazon business which allows you to live a laptop lifestyle and escape the 9-5 rat race.

You'd be able to enjoy your life, spend more time with friends and family, whenever, wherever.

It is tough to create a thriving Amazon business, whether you are a new seller or an experienced seller. Selecting the right product, dealing with suppliers, all the way to actually making it to the first page, these are just a few roadblocks that you will inevitably run into. 

We have overcome these challenges and have been doing so for over 3 years. To have the knowledge of a successful Amazon seller ensures your success that much more. It decreases your risk, budget, and increases your ROI and profits. 

In this mentoring process we go through and cover the following;

  •   Set up Company & Account
    - LLC, Sole proprietorship, Corporation, which is the best option  
  •  Research and decide on the first product
    - Product selection 
    - Product Validation Checklist 
    - Step by step video of product research phase for your viewing and knowledge 
    - How to improve upon the product 
  •  Contact Suppliers, Order Samples, Listing, Mass Order.
    - Reaching out to suppliers 
    - Custom forecast sheet 
    - Negotiating 
    - Questions to ask 
    - How does packaging work? 
    - Insert Cards to gather customer data and             reviews 
    - Understanding types of shipping 
    - Order samples from top suppliers 
    - Creating Listing and FNSKU 
    - How to pay your supplier 
    - How to conduct inspection 
    - How to create shipping plan 
    - Virus inventory restriction 
  •  Foundation for the Launch 
    - Amazon Product Photography 
    - Split Testing your main image                        
   - Getting Reviews
   - How to rank on Page One 
   - Advertising through PPC, and using external           traffic (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Influencer         Marketing)

We are so confident in the ability to help build Amazon businesses that we guarantee a first page ranking for your product within the first 30 days of selling. If you are not on the first page you are not making sales, simple as that.

No courses or consultants would dare offer this. They would have to start laying off employees and quickly go out of business.

Message us to claim a free 30 minute strategy-session.

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Requirements needed to get started
  1. Laptop and Wifi
  2. Contact me before order
Consulting hours
More than 15 hours of consulting included
Extras included
Seller Central Audit
Pricing Audit
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Listing Optimization
Paid Ad Audit
Marketing Strategy
Product Research
Brand Protection
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Q: I do not live in the U.S, can I still sell there?

A: Yes you can, and we highly recommend it as this is the marketplace that presents the most opportunity for success and building a brand.

Q: How do you communicate with your clients?

A: We communicate via Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom. Unlimited messaging support will go through JungleScout Market messaging.