Holiday-themed Product Demo Video

Get ready for the 2020 holiday shopping season!

While there’s no question that the holidays will look different this year, it will continue to be a season of peak demand and a critical time to connect with shoppers. According to Google, 73% of US holiday shoppers say they plan on doing more holiday shopping this year compared to last.

What does this mean for you, sellers? It’s time to plan out your holiday marketing strategy! To stand out from your competitors, add a holiday-themed product video to your listing: make the potential buyers consider your product as a gift option!

Why Your Amazon Listing Needs A Video?

  1. Consumers are 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. There’s no better tool than video to showcase your product, evoke interest, and result in action. 
  2. Video can tell a story – and stories make us emotional. Decision-making is not a rational process, but one driven mainly by how people feel. 
  3. Video answers questions in a straightforward and visual way. Consumers are as curious as ever, they want answers and they want them now!

Why you should choose us:

Case study: this Amazon seller earns back $7.36 for each $1 he spends with a sponsored brands video we created for him:

Product videos we made:

Please note that the final cost will depend on the concept and complexity of filming and editing. For the starting price, you will get something similar to the Triwa watch video.

Requirements needed to get started
  • Brand & product description
  • Target audience
  • Purpose of the video
  • Reference videos / relevant examples 
  • Running time
  • Budget 
  • If you want your product returned to you, please make us aware right away and include a prepaid shipping label 

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