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Professional high-end Amazon product video that sells

Video sells!

Hi, I’m Bo. I’ve been a filmmaker pretty much all my life. Film, TV, documentaries, commercials, music videos, corporate name it - I’ve done it all! After finishing my Masters degree in Media from RMIT, Melbourne, I decided to start my own Amazon business and I have been selling online ever since. I quickly realised that my creative skills in filmmaking is extremely valuable in terms of Amazon sales conversion and branding. I have helped many Amazon and other e-commerce sellers increase their sales AND generate brand awareness at the same time. 

Check out my work and testimonials here:

I can direct, shoot, and edit your video without the need to outsource. My business is just me - a real person that you can email, call, or video chat for full transparency.

Please contact me first before you order. Please also note that I am based in Brisbane, Australia. 

I have been in the film & video business for over 15 years though I am new to Jungle Scout Marketplace. To establish myself on this platform, I have lowered the prices of my packages so take advantage of my offers as they will not last long! 

What's included in this 30 second video?
  • Shot in studio
  • Product against white background - filmed spinning on turntable & static from different angles using various camera movements 
  • Hand model (by me) if needed
  • Includes Text Call Out Graphics, Music, Stylish Typography/Transitions 

Coloured background - $99
Scriptwriting - $149
Voiceover: $149
3D animation: $299
Lifestyle - $499
  • Product filmed on-location (your choice of indoor or outdoor), showing your product in a real situation, demonstrated by a professional model/actor

Please contact me if you need a longer video and/or have a bigger idea and budget in mind.

If you want your product to sell, video is the way to go!
Requirements needed to get started
What is your product? What category is your product in? Who are your ideal customers?

Do you have any branding material i.e. brand name, logo, fonts, etc?

If a voice over is required, what accent do you prefer your voice actor to have (American, English, etc)? Please also specify if you want them to be a male or female voice.

If you choose to have 3D animation, please provide 3D files for your product.

Do you have a few samples of videos that you like? Feel free to send me a link of your competitors' listings or any videos on youtube that align with your product/brand.
Running time (seconds)
Number of finalized versions included
1 finalized version
File formats provided
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Custom Colors
Ultra HD (4K)
Add Logo
Background Music
Commercial Use
Overlay Text
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 14 days
Frequently asked questions
Q Will I get my product back?
A Yes, but please make sure you include a reply paid postage in your parcel or organise a return collection at your expense. 

Q Can I use the video on my website or social media?
A Yes, just let me know the platform that you want to upload your video and I will deliver in different specs and formats. Please make sure you select the right add-on services if not already included in your package.