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Forecast Up to 5 ASINs With Accuracy And Improve Cash Flow

Having a harder time figuring out how much to re-order with these new Amazon changes?

  • Inventory limit restrictions
  • New IPI score requirements
  • Use of 3PLs 

Over order and you tie up cash flow and slow down growth. Under order and you risk running out of stock which hurts sales & rankings.

Our service will provide you with 1 month of weekly forecasting for up to 5 of your ASINs.

We will build custom forecast models for up to 5 ASINs which allows you to re-order with laser precision & accuracy. We take your sales history and create custom data points that are only unique to your product and industry to achieve these results.

This forecast model is used by our 6, 7 & 8 figure clients which allows them to save 5% to 12%+ topline revenue per year by properly managing cash flow and re-ordering.

No need to hire a supply chain analyst or operations manager, there’s a better cost effective solution here. 
Requirements needed to get started
  1. Provide us your ASINs (up to 5) with at least 1 year of selling history on Amazon.
  2. Any factors that are unique to your industry (lead time, expiry dates etc.)

Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
Q: What is your experience with forecasting and working with supply chain?
A: Our team consists of data scientist and supply chain veterans who have consulted for big box retailers like Walmart & Target.

Q: Do you factor in trend and seasonality?
A: Absolutely. Those are a must for our model to work with precision.

Q: What happens if I have something happen that will change the outcome of the forecasting result?
A: Immediately let us know and provide us as much details as possible. We will alter the model based what you provide for us.

Q: What happens if I have additional questions about your services?
A: Feel free to privately message and we’d be happy to help further!