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Legal agreements providing by Chinese Licensed Lawyer

- More than 10 years of lawyer practice in China
- Legal counsels for large state-owned enterprises in China
- Legal advisers for FIE (Foreign-Invested Enterprise)
- Legal services to Overseas Engineering Projects and International Project Financing 
- Drafting and Reviewing domestic and international trade contracts
- Translator and Interpreter for Exhibitions and Business visiting

  • Commercial Legal Service for Foreign-Invested Enterprise in China
  • Legal Counsel for Chinese Law, Enterprises in China
  • Business & General Contracts Drafting & Reviewing
  • IP: Trademark, IP & Trade Secret, Copyright
  • Legal Due Diligence to Enterprises and Individuals
  • English and Chinese translation of Legal Documents, Including but not limited to Contracts, Agreements, Documents for Corporations and Personal Documents
  • Exhibition /Business Tour translation
Requirements needed to get started
  • A brief description of the transaction

Delivery time
Up to 7 days