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Proven ManyChat Rebate flows, Build and Handover

Hey there!
My name is Amir, I'm helping amazon sellers to grow and scale their business with off-amazon marketing solutions for almost three years, I'm also one of the very few trusted MC experts listed on Seller.Tools

What's this Gig about? 

➕Build and hand over the most advanced ManyChat rebate flows.
➕Receive fully customized and Ready-To-Go flows within 72 hours for all of your products.

What makes this system so different that stands out from the competition❓

  • Buyer Qualification, Check the user's info against our Global blacklist to see if they ever been recognized as a fraud buyer.
  • Search, Find, Buy, the ultimate Keyword ranking method.
  • Order Verification, Powerful integrations with the seller central to verify orders and minimize fraud.
  • PayPal Cashback, Refund your buyers with PayPal.
  • Fully Automated, hands-off! Just take care of product-related inquiries on the live chat!


Whether you're launching new products or pushing keywords for your existing products, Running rebate promotions is certainly one of the most powerful approaches in 2020 and beyond.

How does this work?

  • Feel Free to contact me and ask all of your questions. (You could schedule a free consultation call)
  • Purchase this or a customized gig at a different price.
  • receive the walkthrough files, prepare and share all.
  • Wait for up to 72 hours
  • I'll contact you to schedule a training call (up to 90 minutes long).
  • Learn the system and get all of your questions answered during the call. 
  • Mark Order Completed.
  • Take it from here and go live
Requirements needed to get started
You'll receive a detailed, step by step walkthrough file of how to get everything prepared, However, I'd mention a few as some of the main ones:

  • ManyChat Pro account ($10/month).

  • AMZToolKit account ($10/month).
  • Seller.Tools account ($97/month)
  • Google Sheets.
  • FB business manager (in case of running FB Ads for you).
  • You need to have a basic knowledge of ManyChat for this gig.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions below.
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Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Can I Refund my buyers with different types of  GiftCards instead of PayPal?

Yes, for this matter, you need to have a Seller.Tools subscription ($97/month), it could be done at no extra cost on my services.

Can I use a Two-Step URL instead of SFB?

Sure, I customize the flow at no extra cost

Can I edit and modify the flow later myself?

Yes! the chatbot Flow is protected from re-installation, you have full access to edit though.

What is included?

1. A ready-to-go rebate Chatbot flow on your ManyChat account.

2. Walkthrough/QA zoom call (up to 60 minutes)

3. Handover! you take it from here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'd be happy to help with your questions, However, if you need my coaching (in case you want to do it yourself), or you want me to make serious changes, extra modifications, build FB Ads campaigns, or add more automation (e.x. review request sequence) It comes at the extra cost of $100/hour.

What is NOT included?

1. Flow management
2. Keyword research
3. Keyword tracking
4. Additional features, (review flows/MCF/Coupon distribution,etc.)
5.Facebook Ads