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**Limited Time** 1 on 1 Amz Coaching From Research to Launch

My clients get One-on-One Coaching for the serious Sellerpreneur, delivering on our promise to transform you into a Professional Seller on Amazon and beyond.

Are you ready to learn the Secrets of how to CRUSH selling your way to millions on Amazon, taking your family anywhere in the world - without making all the mistakes along the way?   
The biggest problems I hear from the beginning AND advanced sellers are:

  • I’ve paid for other coaches, courses, or services, only to fall short in disappointment
  • All the good products have been taken and I am late to the game
  • How am I ever going to learn everything I need to and become a best seller?
  • or all three...  

 And that's because many sellers are moms, dads, entrepreneurs--that work full time and don't have the years of experience it takes to successfully sell on Amazon.
The big secret...YOU DON'T NEED TO BE AN EXPERIENCED AMAZON SELLER to WIN, as long as you have my 3 M's:


We focus on ALL you need to succeed.
That's what inspired me to create this program for you.
I have taken my process, one that's found and launched me and my clients 1000s of successful product ideas in 100s of prosperous niches on Amazon, and made a personalized coaching program that includes weekly 1-on-1 calls, and ALL the support you'll need between calls.  I pull the covers back and share ALL the tools, resources, training, and hold-handing that it takes to get you up and running with a Best Selling product on Amazon. If you knew everything you're going to get, you'd kick yourself for not taking advantage of it.
The entire process that you're potentially about to learn took me more than 10 years and many, MANY 100s of thousands of dollars for me to learn--My trial and error time was brutal. My failures cost me dearly.  Just ask my wife...
It's designed to be easy, systematized, and efficient through zoom calls, where I navigate your individual situation with you in order to determine, AND EXECUTE your best path to success.  WE WILL find you winning product ideas and build your brand within months.
You'll save your precious time, money, and most importantly, you'll have your entire brand and line of products created and up and selling before we are through.

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE PROGRAM.  You need only show up every day, ready and willing to learn and take guided action.
Here's just a sample of what we'll cover:
  • Dominate your product research with our 4 phase plan that goes deeper then any other product research system out there.
  • Discover how to navigate 23 different locales (including secret hiding places) to find product ideas and crush it.
  • Learn the best tool suite available to Amazon sellers and ensure your success.
  • Incorporate secret strategies to isolate your brand's products from your competition (making it unique and more desirable) 
  • Learn to harness the power of data from the Amazon platform to find a niche of products ALREADY PROVEN to make you cash (oftentimes with 0 reviews!)
  • Explore and find the best manufacturers for you to source from
  • Get your order placed the easy way, ensuring the least expensive and safest delivery to FBA possible
  • Build your TOP LEVEL listing copy and images 
  • Give you a deep look into the most underestimated skill on Amazon:  Keyword Research.  We will apply what we learn to listings, PPC, and beyond!
  • Run a 4 phase launch including the use of a super secret white hat service
  • Develop an honest-to-goodness BUSINESS for you to either run for years to come, or sell off for MASSIVE profits when the time is right.

... and much, MUCH More!
My system will help you answer questions such as:
  1. Why is building a brand better than just selling random products?
  2. How can I leverage my own interests so that it doesn't feel like the grind moving forward?
  3. How much money will I need to succeed on Amazon?
  4. What's the quickest and least expensive way through all these steps selling on Amazon?
  5. What about resources - do I have to reinvent the wheel and find own every time?
  6. How do I reach the top 1% with my listings, photos, keyword targeting, and product sourcing?

YOU TRUTHFULLY NEED TO ACT FAST (this listing will come down once we reach 5.)
You get all the guidance and direction you need in 1 place.

Please note:  you will be required to order services along the way from other resources.   But don't worry - I'll share ALL of my vetted and proven up-to-date support businesses and freelancers.

Whether you are just getting started on Amazon or sitting on a product or brand idea, don't miss this breakthrough mastermind coaching that will finally show you how to hypersuccessfully launch your Amazon / eCommerce brand within weeks, and crush your way to personal and financial freedom for your family! 

What are you waiting for? Isn't it time to invest in your best future possible?

Requirements needed to get started
  • Willingness
  • Commitment to work hard enough to win
  • At least $6,000 reserved for product #1
Consulting hours
More than 15 hours of consulting included
Extras included
Seller Central Audit
Pricing Audit
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Listing Optimization
Paid Ad Audit
Marketing Strategy
Product Research
Brand Protection
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
Q. Do I have to be a seller already?
A. No, you don't have to be anything but willing to learn from a master who thrives on teaching others to get results.

Q. How long will it take me to launch my next product?
A.  My clients have averaged 4-6 months for their first product, all in.  The nice thing with this program is that it does not matter how long it takes you - you pay the same price. We focus on meeting your goals each week.

Please Note:  I am known for my ability to break down hard-to-understand high-level concepts into small, manageable bites that can then be executed properly with the right action.  You can do this with my help, no problem.  {Ask any of my clients that I’ve helped through the years.}

Q. Is this better than having a product research guru find me products?
A. Yes.  Because while doing nearly 1000 keyword research jobs for clients throughout the years, I noticed so many were launching identical products to each other.  They were using gurus who were all using the same tools and giving the same product ideas out.

Q. Will I have instant and continuous access to the Master Private Label Academy?
A. Yes. Immediately following your purchase, you get full Member access, including all future updates, always. Forever.  

Q. Will I need any special software or tools?
A. Yes, but we provide customized workbooks, and special access to the best tools available. You need internet access and a computer, of course.  And you'll need to pay for outside services that we recommend.