The final date to place a Jungle Market order is October 31, 2021. If you are a current user, please check your email for more details.


Hunting Product Criteria!

  • Small, lightweight, robust – easy to store pack and post
  • Unbranded (with branding potential) – higher margins available
  • 5000+ exact match Jungle scout, or 50000+ broad match of the main keyword
  • No competition from Amazon
  • Price should be 10 to 50 Dollars
  • 3000 sales of top 10 sellers
  • The product should not be fragile
  • No legal issues
No seasonality
  • Profit margin should be 20 to 40 percent
  • Less than 200 reviews, 100 is excellent
  • Revenue trend should be consistent
  • Low Listing Quality Score is better
  • Demand should higher, competition should be low 
Private labeled products provided
5 private label products
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days