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Are You New To Amazon I Want To Help You Today Read More about Amazon ?

Or Just haven't got a clue where to start and where to end up or even  who to even trust in this space?

Q) Are your tired of sending email to Amazon and not receiving any response from those silly automated email.

Watched countless  online videos claiming its easy and that  you should start a business without no money down (REALLY).

Tip you are not them so how can this be?

Q) Does the sound all to familiar  to you?

Maybe we can be of some help  to  demystify some of the air and bring some clarity to all this to  save you some time and money .

As we also been there, done that and had the bad T-shirt..

A) So lets have that long awaited conversation about you and your business  “not me” to see if Amazon is really for you.

Sorry No boring reports / ebooks to follow 
Sorry No up selling of courses

Just me and you on a professional Zoom call having a real conversation to bring results.

This is Ideal with any that have not stated and would like some advise clarity  ..

Getting started 
Requirements needed to get started
Your idea / Your Questions 
Thats it

Consulting hours
1/2 hour of consulting included
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Q ) I already have product online
 (Contact Me and Lets talk this is for no product information ) 

Q) I am not making any money
(Contact Me and Lets talk)

Q) Do you have a discount 
A) Yes its included 

Q) Are you in the United Kingdom 
A) Yes

Q) How long have you been do thing online e
A) Well over 30 Years 

Q) Do you also sell products online 
A) Yes (500+ Units Per day)

Q) What else ca you do for me / us...

Everything Commerce related
Shopify store review / consultancy 
Amazon / consultancy 
Ebay selling / consultancy 
Woo commence website 
 Online Training 
Juts ask