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Custom offer no1 for James

This project will include the following:

- A very detailed competitor and keyword research and analysis, where I will identify the most relevant competitors which rank organically, in best seller positions and in paid advertising positions. I will analyze their sales performance, reviews, listing quality, promotions and more. I include 12-15 competitors per product. I will also create a PPC analysis report to estimate an avg cost of advertising.

- For each of the competitors I will use Helium10 and research the keywords they rank for. I compile keyword lists of the keywords that are in the competitor's canonical URL's, titles and bullet points, plus the ones that they rank for and I use these lists to create a fully SEO optimized listing.

- The listing creation includes 3 title suggestions, 5 bullet points, HTML product description and the back end search terms. *Please note that the content upload on SC is not included in this project.

The above will be done for 10 ASINS:
6 ASINS on Amazon US
4 ASINS on Amazon UK

Project delivery date: 01 July 2021
Requirements needed to get started
  • 6 ASINS on Amazon US
  • 4 ASINS on Amazon UK
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 30 days