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Product Photography

Please watch our promo video:

+++Please do NOT place your order until you have messaged us and/or we have received your product. Additional costs may apply for specific requests of commissions for the services we provide.+++

As you know it is very crucial for your product to stand out from the competitor. We can either follow your instructions, take photos to our creative edge, or do a combination of both.

We offer captivating images with female models!

What we offer:

- HD white background photos for use on e-commerce websites such as: Amazon, Ebay, Spotify, your own, etc.
-  Custom backgrounds/colors for individual photos for any application.
- Lifestyle photos to match the environment your product/desire is targeting.
-  Info-graphics to better explain your product.
-We are equipped with all necessary equipment to produce crisp quality images of your product.
- HD Promo Videos with models

Let your product market itself with awesome photos!

Base line pricing: 
White backgrounds: $30 per photo
Lifestyles: $45 per photo
Adult model: $100 
Child model: $150 
Info-graphic start price: $20 

We also offer the use of props, locations and more!
Message us for more information. 
Requirements needed to get started
Please message us with information about your project including what your product is and your photography needs. 
Number of images
1 image included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days