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Killer Listing Optimization SEO⭐Title+Bullets+HTML+7 Images⭐

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Usually $220 now SALE $119

Making your Amazon product listing searchable and easy to find in organic search results by prospective buyers.
I do extensive SEO and Keyword Research which we will use to create optimized Titles, Bullet Points, HTML Descriptions, and Back End Search Terms and 7 Images Design.
The end result is your product page that Amazon’s algorithms can easily recognize and link to your desired keywords.

❓ Process of Optimization:
Attractive SEO Product Title
The title is the most important part of your listing. Your product title will include the most powerful keywords to rank high and persuade people to click.

Five Benefit-Oriented Bullet Points
Instead of focusing on the features as many are doing currently, make sure to add the BENEFITS and also keeping it within a certain character count to make sure the 5 bullets are fully indexed. You'll be surprised how many people don't know how to do this.

Sales-Oriented HTML Product Description
In this section, instead of just listing what the product does and how it helps, focus on telling a story about your brand and your product, and most importantly, persuade them to click on "Add to Cart"!

249 Bytes Backend Search Terms
Now in this section, choose to inert all the keywords that weren't yet added to your listing, and thus not indexed. It's an extremely important part and focus on adding all parts of the long-tail keywords to make sure you rank for related phrases as well.
FULL Keyword List with real data
You will receive a full list of keywords along with the search volume and where your competition is ranking for these words. 
You can use the list for PPC campaigns and product launch.
7 Product Listing Images redesign and enhancement
Requirements needed to get started
We need you to be hectic-free. But a few things needed to be addressed from your side as well.

✅ Product link (If your product is online). If not, I will need information concerning the product, its main features and benefits

✅ Which market you want to optimize for (US, CA, UK, EU)

✅ Some proper high defined images.

✅ Additional/Technical details.

✅ Seller Central Access

That's it. You are free now till your listing is published.
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
This package includes:

1 Complete Listing Optimization with SEO Optimized Title, Bullet Points, Competitive Pricing HTML Description, 7 Copywrite Free IMAGES.

Delivery time Upto 4 business days

We are flexible and can also create custom packages based on your needs. Contact us prior to ordering.