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Amazon Full Service Product Listing EBC Description Included

There are so many Amazon product listing specialists on the market right now…

but do they have a proven background in writing for and growing a successful Amazon store?

For many of them, the answer is NO. 

Many of the product listing specialists on the market now are just specialized writers. They have never owned and grew their own Amazon store.

...which makes Blaze Copywriting Agency DIFFERENT from all of them.

Blaze Copywriting Agency is backed by 7 years of experience building a successful Amazon store. 

It became so successful that other sellers started contacting me for product listing help -- which gave birth to Blaze Copywriting Agency.

Eventually, I attracted the attention of an advanced Amazon seller who bought our store in 2020.

The profits I made allowed me to focus on growing Blaze Amazon Copywriting and Coaching Agency as well as explore the Israeli terrain while riding my bike. 

Through Blaze, you will not only get a profitable product listing service from American copywriters (I am a proud Israeli but I only employ American copywriters because no one understands the market more than native English speakers)…

You will also get a 30 minutes FREE coaching session with me where we talk about 

→ the struggles you have in your business
→ the potential solutions you can implement, and 
→ the steps you can take in the future to guarantee its growth. 

How This Works: 

Click the “Contact” button to reach out to me. 

We will then hop on a call to talk about your products and other details including the schedule of your 30 minutes coaching call. 

After that, my team will create the product listing for you and submit the deliverables at the agreed time and day.

What’s included in my services?

  • Title
  • Bullets
  • EBC Descriptions according to your visual guidelines or you can use our converting template
  • Backend Keywords (Spanish included) 

  • Output of Most Searched keywords in your Niche (No need for prior keywords research, we do it all for you) , including recommended keywords for launching and PPC

  • Unlimited revisions allowed

Delivery Time: 
  • Up to 10 business days (usually sooner)
  • VIP Service: up to 3 business days (additional of $15)

For more detailed information, check out our website: 
Requirements needed to get started
Our very basic job template filled, that's it.
Focus keywords
More than 10 focus keywords
Number of words included
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Bullet Points
Product Description
HTML Product Description
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 10 days
Frequently asked questions
Q: Do you need access to my Amazon account?
A: No, we don't need access to your Amazon seller central account. We will send you a Word doc and you simply have to copy and paste. 

Q: Do you offer other product listing and coaching services to other countries?
A: At the moment, our main focus is, the U.S market only.