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***03*** 亚马逊FBA自有品牌产品研究.

⭐[The most reliable Amazon FBA product research service, trusted by successful Amazon sellers] ⭐[The most reliable Amazon FBA product research service, trusted by successful Amazon sellers                 

[US market]                 

Why cooperate with us?                 

✅ [Manual Product Research] We do not use tools that other people use.                 
✅ We use [lesser-known tools and techniques] to identify new opportunities✅                 
More than 4 years of AMZ and e-commerce experience✅                 
[1440+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] Happy customers,                 

what you can get                 

✔️ A complete and detailed copy The market analysis report shows you all the market penetration factors that we use to verify product recommendations 
✔️ 7- Different sources, with reference materials, support the idea of ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Amazon FBA private label to help you make effective and wise investment decisions.        
✔️According to the import and export data of the US Customs, you can make the exact name and details of the factory where your products are manufactured to save you from dealing with fake wholesalers on Alibaba.        
✔️ Free free road map to guide you on the next step in your Amazon private label journey.        
✔️ Free additional templates to help you run your Amazon private label business        
effectively ✔️ Free surprise gifts to prepare for your success after the order is completed.        
✔️Special discounts for other items        

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Frequently asked questions
Question: Can you find products with high demand and low competition for me to sell?       

Answer: Yes. This is what I do :) Please look at the Gig picture to better understand the criteria we use to identify new opportunities.       

200 reviews, or fewer reviews, at least 4 lists of competition, is it too competitive?       

Answer: No. If you check the standard used by Amazing Selling Machine, the most expensive Amazon course ($4.999), you will find that they did not say 200 reviews or less from at least 4 competitors, but 1,000 reviews. A niche or less is a perfect private label.       

Q: Do you guarantee the income I get from the products you research? 

Answer: There are many factors for the success or failure of a product, such as the quality of the list description, the quality of the picture and the title... etc. The only guarantee I can give you is the authenticity of the report showing the potential revenue of the product.       
Q: If the product you recommend is so good, why don't you sell it for yourself?       

Amazon is a huge market, no seller can sell every product.       

Question: Why has your price changed since yesterday?       

Answer: In order to manage a large number of online and offline orders, our prices will change according to how busy we are.       

Q: Will you give me the exclusive right of exclusive agency for the products recommended to me forever?      

Answer: No, I do not provide any exclusivity, I reserve the right to use the product as long as it is still profitable and meets the performance criteria.