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Advanced Off-Amazon Marketing Solutions To Scale

Hey there! Are you a business owner looking to:
 Implement a Marketing channel in addition to what you currently do on Amazon
 Improve your KW rankings and Sales
 Increase Buyer Feedback and/or Product Reviews
 Build a larger customer List
 Sell a large amount of products on Amazon
 Exclusive "Do It for Me" automation flow and services

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you’re in the right place!

My name is Amir and with 3 years of automation and Chatbot Marketing expertise, I'm helping Amazon sellers to grow and scale their businesses by using off-Amazon marketing solutions.

I'm one of the few trusted ManyChat experts listed on Seller.Tools and have immense experience working with high-ticket Amazon sellers with ad budgets up to tens of thousands of dollars. My expertise and experience empower me to know what works in today's competitive marketplace. As a result, I will NEVER accept a project unless I'm 100% confident in delivering a significant increase to your ROI.

You may be wondering: “How can Amir guarantee such a huge ROI increase?” Great question! This is achieved through a process that will be discussed in our discovery call.  Click “Contact” to schedule a call today!

Want to know more about my areas of expertise? I offer exceptional:
 Advanced, Dynamic ManyChat flow creation
 Facebook Ad Audits, Creation and Optimization
 Omnichannel Marketing

Book a discovery call, free of charge, to explain your goals, and learn more about how I can offer you a precise and effective solution.
Requirements needed to get started
Please contact me to get everything in detail, however, some of the main software that you might need to signup and grant me access to your account(s) are the following:
Facebook Business Manager Platform
Google Sheets
AMZ ToolKit
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 14 days