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SEO Listing Optimization

SEO Listing Optimization

A good listing is one that is written for both, the potential buyer as well as for the algorithm.
A listing full of perfect sales copy isn't going to bring you more sales if nobody gets to your listing because it is hidden in the depth of the Amazon jungle.

Amazon is a search engine and it has to be treated as such.

Optimizing your listing for this search engine is crucial for mainly two reasons:

1. You will be "indexed" for more keywords, i.e. the algorithm will connect your listing to more keywords which consequently increases the potential traffic for your listing.
More traffic = more sales!

2. What many sellers don't know is that every single sale pushes your listing up in the search results for ALL keywords that you have implemented in your listing's front- and back-end.

So by selling 100 units with a good listing you could already make it into the top 10 for many keyword, whereas with a bad listing you could still be left without any substantial keyword ranking.

Please note that this service is for listing optimization - not listing creation. I am not a copywriter. I can optimize your existing listing and make it more algorithm friendly but I will not write it from scratch.

Listing optimization is one of the most important fundamental steps to success on Amazon, and a prerequisite for successful advertising.

Also Included
  • Keyword research
  • PPC data analysis
  • Optimization of back end data
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