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6 - Winning Product Package Low Reviews : High Demand + GIFT

The Problem

It takes around 79% of sellers and takes 8+ months to become profitable selling on Amazon. But with the right product, you can make a profit for the first month. 

The Solution

Expert Product Research – USA & UK ONLY!

It all starts off with a questionnaire to help me understand your individual requests and what type of product you're looking for. I then apply my Amazon product research strategy that I've been using for over +3 years and find the product(s) fit just for you. This is the same strategy that I've used to grow my own FBA business & inspiration for my YouTube Channel.


At the end of my product research, I'll compile all the data that I've analyzed into an easy-to-read report out (example in the images). You can expect the following information:

1.  Your analyzed product with supplier images

2.  Search volume trends

3. Competition & Demand analysis

4. Sales estimate (+35% profit margin, estimated fees, pricing analysis, revenue/profit, etc.)

5. FREE supplier recommendation

6. +Much more

My Promise

It's my promise to you that I will find you a profitable product that will set you up to succeed as a seller. Each and every product that I research for my customers is treated as if it were for my business. 
Private labeled products provided
More than 5 private label products
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days