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Product Idea Validation (Private Label)

The product idea is one of the most important pieces of a successful Online business - especially in the beginning, when you don't have a brand or some sort of audience outside of the Amazon Ecosystem yet.
I can take some of the guesswork and uncertainty off of you by assessing our product idea thoroughly.

Some key points that I will review:

  • Supply vs demand on the Amazon platform
  • Competition on several main keywords (reviews, sales distribution, types of competitors, brands)
  • Competitor keyword coverage
  • Distribution of market share
  • Difficulty based on your experience
  • Red flags like gated categories, seasonal items, high liability items, licensed products, etc.
  • Differentiation potential
  • Keyword landscape
  • Market trends and history
  • Key Business Figures

    Sourcing a bad product can be an immense waste of capital and time
Requirements needed to get started
  • A little information about your Amazon business (e.g. is it your first product?)
  • Links or ASINs of two of the top sellers of this product
  • The main keyword
  • Any information that you think can be valuable for me (e.g. estimated sourcing cost if you have already contacted suppliers)

Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days