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Amazon PPC Management & Audit With Advance Techniques

Are you randomly setting very low or very high campaign budgets?

Many people think PPC campaigns are just one fixed trick that can be applied to every product and it works the same way on all products.
Let's make it clear that PPC is all about testing and trying. One strategy can work on one product and the same can be failed on another product.
In my opinion, It's all about the right strategy with the right data collection which gives desired results.
· 16 Campaign Strategies I invented over the past 4 years of Amazon PPC experience
1.    Catch-All Auto Campaign for the discovery of new keywords
2.    ASIN Defense Campaigns have taken from variations and cross-product sales reports.
3.    Low ACoS Auto Campaign
4.    Low ACoS Manual Keywords Campaign
5.    Low ACoS Manual Targets Campaign
6.    Low Bid Auto Campaigns
7.    Low Bid Manual Manual Keywords Campaign
8.    Brand Name Keywords Campaign
9.    Top Ranking Keywords Campaign (Brand Analytics + Helium10)
10. TOS(Top of Search) Auto Campaign
11. TOS Manual Keywords Campaign
12. TOS Manual ASIN Campaign
13. Dayparting (Specific Days and hours for specific ASINs)
14. Sponsored Brand Keywords Campaign with converting headlines research
15. Sponsored Brand ASIN Campaign
16. Product Display ads with winning ASINs, Re-targeting page views customers
17. Sponsored Brands Video campaign with tested Keywords
· 15 Keywords Research and Product Target Strategies I will implement
1.    Keywords from Listings Title, Bullets, Description
2.    Top 10 competitors Reverse ASIN keywords from Helium10 with position 1-15 so that highly - relevant keywords are included
3.    Suggested Keywords from Amazon
4.    Special keywords for Prime day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Q4 and all special occasions.
5.    Keywords from Merchant Words tool
6.    Long Tail keywords from Google Keywords planner
7.    Top Keywords from brand Analytics, Top competitors
8.    Brand name added with all major Keywords
9.    2nd language keywords (Spanish, French, Italian)
10. Keywords with Preposition, Plurals, Articles(for, with, is, the)
11. Misspellings
12. 1st and 2nd-page competitors ASINs with a select number of ratings and price.
13. Best Sellers page competitors ASINs and their reverse ASIN keywords
14. Category targeting with lesser ratings and higher price
15. Brand targeting with lesser ratings and higher price
16. Split Long Tail Keywords into 1-word keywords
17. Detailed PPC charts, Spend, Profit, ACoS, TACoS in Google sheet/Excel
18. Advanced Pay Per Click strategies include Campaign Structuring, extensive-Long Tail Keywords research using Helium10, Merchant Words, Amazon suggested keywords, Branded keywords, Singular, Plural, Adjectives, Prepositions, Articles, Misspellings.
In the end, I would say, if you love your products then hire the best, highly professional digital marketing manager to boost its sales. I would definitely make it possible to take your business to the next level 
Extras included
PPC Account Audit
Keyword Expansion
Search Term Expansion
Campaign Optimization
Monthly Progress Reports
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