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Hello, Vlad is here! We are Sellerlit, Chicago based agency for Amazon FBA sellers, and we will be happy to navigate you through your Amazon journey and become your personal strategy and mentoring team!

I would like to invite you to an exclusive One-On-One Mentorship Program with us, where we will take you through the entire Amazon A to Z process from Finding the Right Product to Sell Until the Product Launch Stage.

⚠️Did you know that Amazon will limit the quantity you can ship to Amazon Warehouse, or that Amazon will ask you to prove that you are somehow associate with your brand name, and did you know that all these pitfalls can save you thousands of dollars... Well, we will discuss all above in our Mentorship Program⚠️

The Mentorship Program will cover the following steps:

1) Setting Up Amazon Seller Account and Finding the Right Product to sell using Product Research tools.

2) Product Research, Sourcing, Logistics, Product Inspections.

3) Product Packaging, Branding, and Product Photography.

4) Product Listing and Keywords.

5) PPC ads and Product Launch

6) Bringing traffic from outside: YouTube ads, FB, Blogging, and more.

In addition, we will be happy to show you all pitfalls you can expect and how to overcome it.

slots are limited to 10,

If you have additional questions please reach out.
Delivery time
Up to 5 days