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LL Marketing Consultants

LL Marketing Consultants

Credentials (Amazon Related )

4 Years Amazon Sponsored Advertising

2 Years Amazon Headline Ads

2 Years Campaign Management / Reporting

5 Years Amazon Keyword Research

5 Years Amazon Product Research (UK)

3 Years Amazon Dropping Shipping Research / Amazon Arbitrage (UK )

1 Years Amazon Seller central Training

6 Years FBA Listing / Optimization / Trouble shooting

4 Years Amazon Create Space

1 Years Amazon Merch

4 Years Amazon Kindle

7 Years Amazon AWS

7 Years Amazon Product Advertising Scripting

**Testimonials **

Life saver.. My Amazon sales where plummeting fast and I could not work out why as I had not changed anything in the backend.

Amazon Seller

Reached out to LL Marketing Consultants as I was stuck with everything Amazon Products Advertising related and asked ton of question that’s that I could find on Google anywhere Leon was like a Guru on jeopardy just hitting them out the ball park.

Amazon Seller

Was losing cash on Amazon Products Advertising ads and about to just throw In the towel , LL Marketing Consultants surfaced like magic and gave me a few basic suggestions to improve the overall listing now I am feel much better They are worth every penny.

Amazon Seller

Contact LL Marketing Consultants for some help with lower costs to my amazon product.Not only did help help lower ACOS my sales continue selling and i increased the price again which led an extra £10 and they sold just as well. I am completely sold out now till the next batch arrives.

Amazon Seller

When it comes to an experts that know their way around Amazon Seller central and Ads LL Marketing Consultants are the got to person. I am so glad I made this investment.

Amazon Seller

Totally new to Amazon Products Advertising and I was confused about all the information, LL Marketing Consultants help me discover the light by proving some clear understand where I was going wrong.

Amazon Seller

5 open listings

No followed people

4 Reviews (100% positive)


Great buy for our Amazon presence. Very helpful and the video was a great way to communicate to us. Thank you!


Brilliant work, Great communication all through the project and the script works perfect.


My first experience with PPH and Leon was wonderful. He took the time to thoroughly review the problem and keep me posted as he worked on the solution. I particularly liked the use of short youtube videos that he created to show me what was going on. I highly recommend him to anyone.

LL Marketing Consultants