M.H.I Product Design

M.H.I Product Design

Hey, Markus here.

I like to design cool sh*t, i have 5 years experience designing products, getting them manufactured sold for my own business and for clients. I also have 3D printers and a laser cutter for prototyping. I use Solidworks, Keyshot and the Adobe package for all my design work.

My own projects i have going right now:

-The BitBuckle

This is a multitool i designed and currently preparing to launch on Kickstarter,

I did the design, prototyping, DFM (design for manufacturing) stress analysis and have set up manufacturing ready. I also made the website and all marketing materials (not the logo)

Check it out by googling thebitbuckle


This is the most advanced project i worked on, an autonomous cocktail machine with a payment system.

I did the design, electronics and business model development on this project.

I also did the website for barmachina

-Air conditioner

In Denmark, A/C is not something people have and the summers can get pretty hot. So i made a small online business selling Air Conditions, i didn't design the product but i designed the website and made renderings that were far superior to the competition resulting in i sold my whole stock in 4 days.

I got all traffic from FB ads i managed myself with over 200% ROI

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M.H.I Product Design