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I am a Digital Marketing and Branding Expert in the industry. With extensive experience launching and scaling my own products on Amazon/Ecommerce, and coaching others to do the same. I have an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

For the past five years, I have coached, mentored, and supported over 1K clients with their Amazon/Ecommerce businesses. From launch to maintenance to scale, I know what it takes to find the right product using cutting edge research techniques to see what is hot in the market right now, and launch a successful digital marketing campaign that will set your product and company above the rest.

I have personally coached over 500 clients to go from knowing absolutely nothing about marketing and selling products, to five and six figures in sales per month.

This is my absolute passion! I learned from the best of the best, working for a company who's main mission was to help each and every member launch successful products and businesses on Amazon and Ecommerce. Using all of the latest and greatest tools and techniques, I can make this happen for you - now is my chance to pay it forward to a wider range of clients. Amazon and Ecommerce is an ever-changing landscape, and I have pretty much seen everything.

Here is the breakdown of how I can work with you.

Basically, I break it down into PHASES 1-5. And, depending upon where you are at in the process is where I will meet you as your Amazon Success Coach - some of my clients are just starting out/total beginners and some of my clients are already making sales and have an established business - the point is that I have the experience to meet you where you are in the process and help you build, grow, and scale from there.

Here is the breakdown of the five PHASES:

Just to be clear - the reason why I break my process down into five phases is because people can easily get ahead of themselves in this process - and when that happens, they become overwhelmed. I have coached hundreds of people, and this has always been my experience, so it is important to break it down to make it easier.


Finding your niche - what are you interested in? What can you see yourself selling long term? How has this/these products benefitted you in your life? What experience do you have with this/these product/s?

Once we have determined what you would be interested in selling - then I will research best selling products in that niche for you.

I will give you a list of 4-7 products and then YOU decide which product is best for you. The key here is that YOU decide. I don’t have anything to do with your decision.

Once you have decided on a product - then we will break down good manufacturers for that product. We cannot find you a valid manufacturer until you know what your product is. Your product also determines whether your manufacturer will be in the US or overseas.

Once you decide on a Manufacturer - the first phase is complete - you mark the order complete


After you have solidified your manufacturer, then we move onto the branding phase. So, we work on your logo, tagline, and label design. This is where I will write your fully optimized listing for you with all the keywords so that you are as successful as possible when you launch your product.


This is going to be where we work on Amazon PPC ad campaigns. This is an important part of the process and requires you to be very patient because - the sole purpose of Amazon PPC ad campaigns is to bring market awareness to your product. It is not necessarily or initially for making a profit. Because most of the time when you begin PPC ad campaigns, you are either losing money or breaking even. This is where sellers get discouraged, and they want to give up, but you have to stick with it in order to start gaining traction in the market.


Phase 4 is where we start to take a look at using Social Media to bring awareness to your product. This is a little more involved and I usually charge more for Phase 4. In fact, I usually charge more for each phase, but I wanted to get some clients here on Jungle Scout Market, so I decided to give my first 5 clients a discount. :)


Assessing where you are at - this is usually about 6-8 months post launch and we decide how everything is doing. We assess how your PPC ads are running - how your product listing is doing - I normally will optimize your listing at this point after we see how the market is responding to it - we also look at your images, and start to consider other products that you might want to introduce to your niche store (only IF you are making a profit and feel good about how your first product is doing).

At the completion of each Phase, you will mark the order complete, and pay, and then we move onto the next phase.

Here are some of the more detailed items that I can do for you within each phase:

Help you find the most successful products to launch.

Write a winning product listing for you

Successful keyword research

Successful ad campaign strategy

Successful marketing campaign strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Email Campaign Marketing Strategy, includes collecting emails

Influencer Marketing Strategy and Research

Enhanced Brand Content

I look forward to helping you succeed and getting your product selling successfully on Amazon and Online/Ecommerce.


Mary Chapman, MBA

Owner of Ono Marketing Agency LLC

[email protected]

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Great to work with. I appreciate the opportunity.


Amazing learning experience with Mary. She took my business from an idea to profitability, and she did it quickly and efficiently. One of the best Amazon investments I have ever made. Thank you Mary!


Mary is one of those people who'll deliver, not just the specs in the listings, but thorough explanations, being reassuring and helping make it clear, in this complex kw research process.

Very reassuring, great comms, positive vibes & a very good new key word for me which I started using immediately!

Many thanks Mary!