Hi! I’m Kay! I’m here to help you succeed!

Years ago, I started my own e-commerce business and I have this insatiable need to determine how things work! So, each day (and night), I would edit my listings in small ways, just to see if and how the change impacted the ranking. Through this process, that I continue today, I have learned keys and tricks (all within the TOS) to outrank competitors!

You know what outranks competitors best? Rich and accurate keywords. A product’s success is determined by the utilization of keywords so customers have a path to discover the product. That’s it. And, through the years, I’ve become a master at manipulating the keywords for maximum sales!

My business is going great – I have it on auto-pilot and it takes a few hours of effort each week, but my real passion is developing listings!

So place an order with me and let’s work together to create fabulous sales for your product!

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