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My Amazon Guy

My Amazon Guy

Steven is your Amazon guy, not only has he helped other brands, but he has also grown his own. He grew Fine Occasion to 500k annual sales before selling it to his business partner. Now he has his own shop Meliora Goods. Steven also has extensive corporate experience working as an eCommerce Director and Marketing Manager. With the know-how on multiple fronts he specializes in growth hacking. Execution is what sets My Amazon Guy apart from other consulting agencies. Results matter. While other agencies focus on perceived gains, Steven actually gets you those gains. Get help growing your products today.

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“Steven has assisted with the Amazon set-up and launch of several brands. He has proven to be an excellent resource and highly capable in understanding the world of Amazon. Furthermore, Steven is on point with budgeting his time and adhering to specific promotional budget requirements and aligning ROS expectations. Due to the various businesses we maintain, Steven has multiple retainers with our organization.” – Korie Trevino, Executive Vice President

“Steven gets the job done. He’s got the “iron fist” in the velvet glove and gets things driven with tact and persuasion!” – Shane Mummery, General Manager

“Steven motivates me to grow my business where I want to take it. Without him, I would have given up a long time ago.” – Gregg Rosenfield, Aspiring Amazon Seller

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My Amazon Guy