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Amazon digital marketing and copywriting expert.

8+ years of experience in digital marketing, advertising and sales copywriting.

I take a holistic approach to marketing, advertising and sales. That means I understand the broader marketing strategy that goes into launching, running, and scaling an online business. There are a lot of moving parts and they all need to work as an integrated well-oiled machine.

Over the years I've worked with national startups with large budgets as well as smaller businesses and one-man or one-woman entrepreneurial ventures. I'm comfortable working with all sorts of industries, niches and businesses.

I offer a variety of services here on Jungle Market including listing optimization and copywriting, keyword research and reporting, EBC focused packages, email marketing, proofreading and editing, market strategy and even translation services.

Please Note: I focus my own expert time and energy with every single client I work with. Unlike some "experts" who offload all your work onto a team of third world virtual assistants, I take a hands on approach with every single one of my client's work. When you hire me you get ME, not a "team" of outsourced labor.

As an advertiser I've been responsible over a million dollars in ad spend for various clients as well as spent over one hundred thousand dollars generating eCommerce sales for myself.

Send me a message if you have any questions about my packages or current availability.

I truly care about all my clients and I care about getting them awesome results.

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Simply the best, attention to detail and very professional

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no worries,

thank you as always. we will be in touch!

we hope ur loved ones are healthy and safe as well.


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Thanks Nathanael! You're the best!

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