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Hi there, Im 32 years old from Hialeah FL, and my passions are my daughter, my family, business, and helping others. Being in the amazon space for a while, I can tell you that what worked 4 or 5 months ago it's definitely not what works now as amazon changes constantly. Im here to provide value and help you in any way shape or form that is within my knowledge. We can do this. Let's get started!!!

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I gave him practically unrealistic requirements and he did great work finding products that fit well and good explanations on how I could work within the boundaries of the products themselves and the category I was looking to sell in.


Working with Pedro was great! He came up with products I would never have thought of to sell using FBA. I feel like he found a couple of very unique items that will give me an extremely high likelihood of success. I highly recommend working with him.


He really provided some good insight